If you are involved in an accident and it’s not your fault then we can assist you with your road traffic accident claim, you should be entitled to compensation. . You can make a claim if you were the driver, passenger, or pedestrian. The accident may have been caused by another driver or it could have been as a result of the road being in a dangerous condition.

We will provide all the services mentioned below at no cost to you:

    • Recover your vehicle
    • Provide you with like a like courtesy car within 24 hrs.Whatever type of vehicle you were in, whether it be a car, PCO licensed vehicle, van, bus, train, lorry, motorbike or any other type of vehicle you can submit a claim for compensation
    • Deal with your financial losses.
    • Store your vehicle in our Secured storage facility.
    • Contact Third Party to start the claim process.
    • Get your car inspected by our Inspection team and forward the report to third party insurance company.
    • Incase if your car is repairable then we get your car repaired from authorized dealers.
    • All other services to handle your claim professionally and efficiently.

To give your case the best chance of success in all types of road traffic accident claims it is good if you have:

Noted down the details of your accident including:

      • Date of accident
      • Time of accident
      • Name, address and contact telephone number of the party at fault
      • Location of accident
      • Cause of accident
      • Details of witnesses
      • Reported the accident to the police and noted down the police reference number
      • Taken photographs of damage to the vehicle (if applicable) and your injuries
      • Visited the doctor or hospital to seek medical advice