The trauma of a car accident is extremely difficult to get through. In case of some physical injury, it becomes even more difficult. A car accident has the power to literally cripple your life. You sustain injuries which in themselves restrict you. Coupled with that is the damage to your vehicle which at times is not useable.

The worst part is that this traumatic accident is just the beginning of a long and grueling process. You know that all your troubles are someone else’s faults but proving that and getting settlement is a rather difficult procedure.

AVHL understands all this and has been set up with the aim of helping you in this difficult situation. We not only manage your claim to get you the best and speediest settlement but also provide you with the service of a courtesy replacement vehicle. Our provided vehicles are PCO registered.

Furthermore, we also recover your damaged vehicle, store it at a safe location, prepare an extent of damage report and even get it repaired form authorized dealers and you will not have to pay for any of the service we provide. Please see services section for detail information on the services we provide.