Employers Liability: Insurance

Even though we all might have a negative view regarding insurance companies and may not put them in the highest regard at times (especially when claiming for the money that is in your package, if need be), the government has made it mandatory to have an insurance if you are an employer.

The reasons for this compulsion (some might go as far to say it a conspiracy theory), but if truth be told is for the benefit of A. the employer himself and B. any employee or person or persons that get injured either from the work that they perform for the employer or by the practices of the employers someone gets injured.

So the question naturally is then, what are the benefits an employer is to get if he insures himself apart from the compulsion by law i.e. The answer is simple as any employer and the business that the employer hires for has somewhat risks attached to it, either if its note being done in a proper way, an employee being reckless or the employer not providing a safe workplace or adequate information about the risks or the correct procedure, the list goes on and on.

Point being that there are certain accidents or a fold of events that may not have been foreseen by the employer or anyone for that matter and still injuring someone in its course.

And in such a situation there are damages to be paid, compensation to be made and employers usually are not in a position to compensate the victim, and even so lucrative to pay hefty sums in a short notice.

Therefore insurance provides a very convenient way of helping these employers out as if any of the above mentioned things do happen they get covered by the insurance plans.

However this is not the end of the story, employers in a lot of cases face difficulties in getting the compensation amount from the insurer, plus the fact that when an employer gets an insurance package he is not likely to consult with a legal consultant, and this can be the difference in getting some of the insurance money, to all of it.

Case management services like the ones that we provide include all sorts of consultation so that whosoever has a legitimate insurance claim does not get denied that claim or does not get the amount that he contemplated before getting insurance in a scenario that is unfortunate.

Plus one other big reason for getting insurance, if not being so that you have a safe cushion behind you to fall upon, is that the government can fine you up to 2500 pound per day. So yes, get insured.

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