Got injured at work, who will pay?

The question in this title has a two part answer, the first is that of compensation of the injury that you got at work, and the second one is that of the pay that you will get or more like the pay that you are entitled to get as per regulations of sick-leave pay.

The answer to the first question is varied. The first of the variables being; ‘what kind of injury’? Secondly what was the ‘cause of that injury’, and lastly whether or not ‘your own behavior or actions contributed to that injury or not’.

So the kind of injury will tell a lot about a claim as the courts are very much inclined to compensate for claims of injuries that are serious in nature, this in no way means a trip or a slip will not be looked at seriously by the courts.

Second, the cause of that injury tell us whether or not the employers were at fault or not for example did they comply with the legal health code or not or if there was a danger in the vicinity whether or not the employers took steps to ensure the safety of that employee or made the employee sufficiently aware of that danger.

And lastly whether or not your actions were of a nature that ended up getting you injured, mostly when this is the case what happens is that the compensation that victim receives is substantially reduced if there is fault on part of the employee, but there have been cases where no compensation was awarded for the actions of the employee were way too reckless.

As for the second question you will almost certainly be entitled to receive some kind of ‘sick pay’; providing you earn at least £107 per week. However, the amount of money you will be entitled to will all depend on the terms and conditions of your Employment Contract.

Many companies will offer their own sick pay scheme which will usually be more generous than the state scheme. For example, some companies will allow employees to still receive their usual full income for a set period of time providing their sickness doesn’t exceed a certain number of days over an annual period.

Therefore in a situation like this you will need to refer to your employment contract to see what the rules are on sick pay.

It’s important to point out, however, that a company isn’t obliged to have a separate scheme when it comes to sickness or injury. So, they are not obliged to pay you full pay whilst you off work through your injury.