It can be traumatic enough to be involved in a Road Accident but if the person at fault for the accident turns out not to be insured to drive the vehicle or if the vehicle you are driving is completely damaged, the whole incident can become even more upsetting.

In case you suffer an accident where you suffer a major blow to your vehicle, it must be seen if it can be repaired or not. In case it’s a totally damaged vehicle, we at Accident Lawyers provide can arrange your vehicle inspection from an independent engineer of your choice to guarantee high quality of repair.

In worst case scenario, if your vehicle is written off, you shall be awarded with another vehicle at its retail value.

It is normally viewed that the third party insurance company pays the costs of the damaged vehicle which means your claim bonus will be protected and you do not incur any excess amount to your damages. Moreover, if your vehicle is less than three years old we will seek to recover the reduction in value from the insurers.