Accident Lawyers ease your claim process

Accident Lawyers have the expertise in handling road traffic accident claims. We offer a complete accident management service for customers which can be described as the ‘one stop shop’, where every aspect of your claim can be taken care of. We can provide all the services needed to progress the claim and we will remove the stress and inconvenience of making your claim on no-win, no-fee basis. We offer the highest quality service by working closely with companies who can assist you swiftly and efficiently.

Personal Injury Claim

We arrange medical consultation with a friendly, experienced specialist who assesses and recommends any necessary treatment. The medical report is used to gain the compensation you deserve for your claim.


We can arrange for physiotherapy and treatment at no cost to you. In case you have sustained an injury such as the soft tissue injury, then it is most advised you get the physiotherapy treatment for it will most certainly relieve you, assist you in your recovery and lessen the worst of your symptoms. We can also arrange acupuncture along with other beneficial treatments for you at absolutely no cost to you as we recover the costs from the insurers of the other party.

Loss of Earnings and other uninsured losses

In case you need to take time off from work to recover from your personal injury; we make sure you recover the cost of not going to work efficiently and as speedily as possible because we know you might incur financial issues during this time period. We can also recover the smaller expenses you incur during the time of your recovery such as those incurred on prescriptions, medications, travelling charges, taxi fares etc.

Damaged Vehicle

We can arrange your vehicle inspection from an independent engineer of your choice to guarantee high quality of repair. In case your vehicle is written off, you shall be awarded with another vehicle at its retail value. Normally, the third party insurance company pays the costs of the damaged vehicle which means your claim bonus is protected and you do not incur any excess amount to your damages. If your vehicle is less than three years old we will seek to recover the reduction in value from the insurers.

Replacement Vehicle

We will provide you with an equal substitution in the form of a replacement vehicle during the time your vehicle is off the road. We aim at reducing the disturbance already caused by the accident and target at meeting your needs. On the other hand, an insurer is usually is expected to provide either a small car or no car at all during any repair or whilst waiting for your pre-accidental value cheque. So if you choose our service, we are sure to provide you with a similar vehicle to your own in order to cover your reasonable needs. The replacement vehicle will stay with you till you receive a pre-accident value cheque, provided it is for a reasonable period of time. For example:

  • If you are a taxi driver we arrange a replacement PCO car.
  • If you are a driving instructor we can arrange a dual controlled vehicle.
  • If you have a prestige car in need of a prestige vehicle for work we will organise one for you.
  • If you tow large box we arrange a suitable vehicle with a tow bar.

The above services are provided at no extra cost to you as we recover them from the third party. We arrange an ATE policy if needed to cover any charges.